EMAILING 2020 - 3rd year

The conference on e-mail communication in the Czech Republic

arrow 4. October 2018
time Registration from: 08:00 - 09:00
Time of the event: 09:00 - 17:00
place Konferenční centrum City,
Na Strži 1702/65, Praha 4

How was the 3rd year of the largest independent conference on e-mail communication in the Czech Republic

Participants looked into the future of e-mailing in order to outgrow time and competition. At the 3rd edition of the Emailing 2020 conference, they drew inspiration and know-how from the world's most influential experts. They learned what current trends in e-mail marketing were, and which ones would have a significant impact on the following months and years.

Ticket price: 3900, - CZK excl. VAT

For the third year, Emailing 2020 has been the largest independent conference on e-mail communications in the Czech Republic. The main topics were the importance and benefits of e-mail communication, e-mail extraction as a powerful sales tool and its use for building loyalty. There was also new information on marketing automation or smart use of customer data and behavior.




What did the Emailing 2020 bring?

Their know-how has been shared by world e-mail experts

They were introduced to the most respected experts, most of them in the Czech Republic for the first time

Real case studies provided practical advice that participants could immediately use

During networking, you have the opportunity to speak with experts from around the world

All day refreshments and trouble-free parking were prepared

Simultaneous translation was provided in the main hall

The evening ended afterparty at 17:00 at the NOLA restaurant

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